Sunday, 23 November 2008

Rembo Lines

We are so excited about two special kitties we have reserved to come to the UK middle of 2009 ..............we can hardly believe we havebeen able to secure two kittens from Rembo lines. It has been our dream goal to have lines from Rembo he is so amazing in every way. We will post more about them aftr the new year when they are a little bigger but for now here are some pictures of the great Rembo himself .

We have exciting news for Oblachko & the cattery she is flying to Hungary to have a special mating with Otello i am very happy with this mating they should have some very special kitties early 2009

The babies have left the nest

Well its been quiet around here the last week all the babies except Imir have left us for thier new was strange at first but you slowly get used to not having to run around after them all day long

Tuesday, 11 November 2008


We had some very bad news yesterday evening my sister called to let us know one of my first bred babies who has just turnes 3 years old had a horrible accident & passed away. Ivano was a vry mischevious kitty & i guess the old cleche "curiosity killed the cat" became a reality. Ivano decided it would be fun to chew through an electric wire after he caused a riot at playtime the wire fell down & Ivano decided to chew it when my sister came home it was too late. We will miss this cheeky chap who loved nothing more to be a naughty kitty, playful, loving & a purr machine
R.I.P my baby boy as you are sorely missed but forever in our hearts ..........