Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Kittens left for sale !

We have two kitties left for sale right now .................
Firstly is our little mischief girl Olena she is cuta as a button & full of naughtyness to boot we just love her naughty behaviour everything you should expect with a sibi kitten she is a tri colour black with brown & white, she is ready to leave home from 2nd June ............................

The second kitty is our younger baby & would be available until the first week in july, he is a lovely light silver red boy by no means he is going to look like a ginger tom cat we are hoping his special mommy & daddy will come along soon.

If you feel you can offer one of our babies a forever home then please feel free to contact me @

Friday, 14 May 2010

New Boy

We are on our search to find a new boy who will come join us here @ Katyenka we are looking for golden or black/brown classic or mctabby. If you have a special boy or know of someone who has that boy with a special something then feel free to drop us a line we would love to hear from you
We are busy away this weekend at the MK show with our boy Brutus who is just starting his show career, so we are looking forward to see what great results he may achieve.

Saturday, 8 May 2010


Today I had to make the really hard descision of taking our little tiny boy to the vets to put to sleep, I fought hard with the idea for 2 days now but when I woke this morning & he had lost another 10ozs I knew his time had come. He was struggling to maintian body heat, he could not walk properly & he only weighed in at 120g when his siblings now weigh a good hefty 400-500 g
My heart lays very heavy this weekend to a kitten who tried so hard to fight for his life for the 3 weeks of life he had, it was time he sleeps with no more pain or hard work he rests in peace

It broke my heart I have been bottle feeding this boy from day 1 for nearly 4 weeks I have been breeding siberians for 5 years now & it still hurts so much when this happens, no matter how hard I try not to feel guilty I can not help it.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Boy for Breeding

This boy is stunning & we have watched his development & we are very proud to be able to offer this baby for sale as a show breeding male kitten. This boy is looking really nice now & would happily keep him ourselves but we have no room at the moment to keep more males. He is reminding me of his great gandad Rembo who is a stunning forest sibi.

Litter P

This litter is now 3 weeks old & they are becoming a noisy & exploring bunch, they can find thier way out of the pen & try to explore round the room. We are still a little worried about our very very tiny boy he is half the size & weight of the others so he may be staying with us we shall have to watch his development. We have two boys for sale the red silver boy & the blue silver boy thwo silver girls are taken for Joanna

Saturday, 1 May 2010

O litter updated pictures

We only have one kitten left for sale in the O litter which is Oleg below all the other kittens have owners :

Available for sale !!


I just wanted to clarify what kittens we have left for sale :

Brown male Ready 27 May 210

Blue silver male ready July

Brown boy ready july ???? (possible he might stay with us )

Red silver male ready july

P litter

Here are some new pictures of our P litter they are so adorable the tiny kitten has alot of fight in him & survived despite us thinking he would not. He is around 200g less then the other kittens bless him. The two girls we are sure are silver torbies so they will be very pretty. So here they are I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Tiny dark colour boy
Blue Boy
Red Boy
Silver girl 1
Silver girl 2