Thursday, 25 September 2008

Katyenka is yet to relocate in 3 weeks time for the last time ....................
We moved back to Yorkshire just a year ago with work committments but now our last trip to kent will happen in just 3 weeks all we can say is we will be glad when it is all over. Its hard work & very stressful for cats to have change, cats like things to be normal & the same they like familier things they are a creature of habit in a way so i keep my fingers crossed the ladies will settle very quickly to their new surroundings......

One boy left for sale

We are sad to say we only have one boy left to sell in this litter, the reason we are sad is because this special boy has no home yet but is ever so precious follows me around everywhere he does & cries for me & human companionship he will make such a special pet for someone........................

Saturday, 20 September 2008

After the sad loss of Igus we are paying even more attention to my "Princess" Helina.............

We are left dunbstruck on how much she has come on brilliant she plays with her bigger litter mates & loves to play with her soft ball & especially loves her attention & cuddles.

We are of course worried how small she is but we can only watch her as she grows.

Katyenka Ivan

Katyenka Ivanno

Thursday, 18 September 2008


It is of great regret that we have to say goodbye to our little Igus..........

Igus died tonight as his sternum was pressing against his heart so his breathing was comprimised.

I had to make the choice what to do but i wont have one of my babys suffering so there was only one choice as hard as it was our hearts are heavy on this sad evening

I know my baby Igus you are no longer in pain sleep well until we meet again

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


We would also like to introduce our new female Oblachko she comes from Russia and we are very happy to welcome her to the UK.

Oblacko is a very lovely silver black female & we are very excited to be working with Taurus lines next year & introduce
her to the show bench & then start her breeding season.

Our new stud boy

We are very very excited and we have been finding it very hard to contain our excitement in introducing our new stud, so after much deliberation and a chat with Cathrine today we have decided to post all about him.

We are already looking into travel arrangements for when we go & collect our precious cargo but have been very sad to find out that there are no ferry crossings to

Norway from the UK anymore. I was looking forward to bringing him home by ferry he would of been more comfortable then flying so we are looking into the train, but it looks very difficult.

We will continue to find a btter way to go maybe by the time our little man has served his pets passport there will be a ferry again we can only hope.


We would like to post about our little helina she was born 14th August 2008.

There is not much i can say about the birth as it was pretty much normal except i found it very odd the her mommy had only produced two kittens when we have normally had six.

When she was born i did not feel there was anything wrong with her, after a couple of weeks i noticed Helina did not feel right she felt wider then the other kittens and seemed to breathe heavier then her litter mate. I did some research on the internet & took Helina to the vet just to confirm and we both decided she was flat chested.

I was mortified when the vet suggested to me to put her to sleep, as s he sat on the table with her ears back & them big blue eyes i just wept.

I had to go home to think about this, i never do anything on a quick impulse when it comes to my kittens life.

So i came home & spent some time with her giving lots of love & attention while i tried to work out what do to about the situation as a whole.

I personaly find with animals we are to quick to put them to sleep when something is wrong, we would not do this with a human baby, so why would we do this to a feline baby. That's when i decided just because i have a disabled kitty what makes her any different to any other kitten, her life is just a precious, if not more. So i just became more vigilant with her making sure her weight was stable & supplement if she was not gaining enough weight. But on the other hand i had to make sure she did not put too much weight on as this could increse pressure on her heart & lungs.

Helina is now 5 weeks old tomorrow..................i am so proud of her and happy i did not euthanise, Helina is happy, healthy & furthermore ALIVE.

I know i may not be out the woods yet BUT i know i have tried to give her as much as a chance as the others. I am grateful for every minute of every day i get with her, she is such a joy to be around. She watches me when i am in the room & comes right up to me when i sit down to play & feed them, Helina just loves her wet food now & enjoys every mouthfull as if it may be her last.

I feel Helina knows she is different but she runs & plays & mows as much as the others.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Litter H & I

Litter H & I


Hi & welcome to our first blog, we decided after much deliberation to post a blog as we were always updating the website, this way we thought it would be less time consuming (i have more play time with the kitties now).

Some of you are returning to our website so this is just a little something extra to keep up to date with news here at Katyenka.

Please do not forget to leave your paw mark then we know you have been & we welcome any comments you have regarding our website, cats or anything .................

Be back soon :)