Saturday, 28 May 2011

Whats going on @ Katyenka !!

We are currently under the process of planning our new summer house cattery, as we will have four new additions to the cattery this year & one new boy who will be joining us next year (this we are keeping a secret as they have never imported any cats into the UK yet ! ) we needed to expand our outdoor cattery. This is all very exciting indeed. We have been breeding for 6 years now & we are very very pleased to finally see the hard work & dedication finally coming together. I remember when I first started & breeders told me it takes around 4-5 years before you get settled & you get established, & now I am at the point I am all that & I can now finally appreciate what they were telling me. This is something you can not rush either. I feel that in my 6 years I have come across most problems that occur in breeding, the good, bad & the ugly. Its been a LONG road very eventful at times sad & lonely & even sometimes damn right unbearable, BUT we have pulled through & come out smiling. We have been blessed with some amazing kitten owners & a few breeder friends also. The kittens have been the best part of it even when I thought I couldnt smile anymore, they brighten up every part of you with their unconditional love. We have seen many people through the doors with the pain of the loss of thier last beloved cat then watch the smile on thier face when they have chosen thier new baby to take home. Or even the worst of allergy sufferer walk out the door with their new family member in awe that they have a cat in their home. In around 15 days will see the next two litter born. This will be the last for this year 2011, but oh boy 2012 is going to be exciting times ahead :) watch this space !!!!

The Underworld Litter

Gosh we can hardly believe theese guys are now 4.5 weeks old. We have managed to get them all to eat their wet food & toilet training is all achived. We are really proud of new mommy Dramatica aka Fussy. She has done an excellent job with all 6 & we have some lovely babies. We have not decided which girl will stay with us between Amelia & Seline. We have had abundance of callers so far only leaving 3 looking for thier new homes . Viktor is very promising & we would love to place him in a show breeding home.

The Being Human Litter

Time has flown by us so quickly here the last few weeks & theese guys are now getting ready for their first trip to the vets tomorrow as they are now 9 weeks old & it's their very first injections & Annie & George are going to be BAER tested. Baer testing is very important when you breed solid white cats & we test our cats to ensure we are still moving down the right path with our breeding programme. In 4 years we have NEVER had a death kitten & we pride ourself knowing this. Mitch & George have both found thier forever loving homes we are pleased to say & Annie will of course be staying with us. It is always sad when the first vert trip arrives as the last few weeks move so quickly to t hem leaving home. It will be nice we will have one baby stay with us, so that makes things much easier to bear. And of course we do have the Underworld litter :)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Underworld litter

We have called the Dramatica & Brutus The Underworld litter its my all time favourite vampire film. They are all becoming a little playful when I pet them. We have two blues one who is blue but she is turning brown like our little Candy-Cane did & three silver blacks............We are going to keep a girl so we are not sure between Amelia & Seline the girl who will turn brown. The litter is 3 weeks old Saturday it has gone so so fast again.

Being Human Litter

Well the guys are 7 weeks old & growing up too fast for my liking. We only have George our white male still looking for his furrever new home. George is a lovely boy he is a little more reserved for now but this will all change when he leaves home & finds himself.

Annie is staying with us she is lovely chunky little girl who is forever getting into mischief. Mitch has found his new mommy & daddy we were very reluctant about this as we wanted to keep this cheeky little monkey, but we cant keep them all can we !!!!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Being Human litter

The Being Human litter are 5 weeks old today & they are just loving thier new found freedom. For anyone who has seen the series they will know George is the most vocal of the three & that holds true with our little George, he just stands & screams at you for attention he is so cute. Annie is a little brave heart she tears around the kitchen exploring & investigating every nook & cranny Mitch what can I say about this guy he is just the fearmanator, he bites & nips & claws into everyone who gets in his way he fears no human or cat lol

Dramaticas News !!

Today finally saw the arrival of our very special Rembo babies !!!
We have been planning this for so so long now & to finally see it happen we are very very excited. Ever since we saw the amazing pictures of Rembo we were very awe struck with him & I had the pleassure to own one of his lines with Brutus when he arrived from Norway. Brutus is improving better with age & we were delighted when we found Dramatica another one of Rembos lines. Now we have finally managed to double this line we are keeping fingers crossed this mating will be very special indeed. Mommy delivered so quick they were nearly dropping out two at a time so I havent managed to get much of a look at them & do not want to disturb her too much as she is a first time mommy & I dont want her to feel worried at all.
So we are very proud to announce the safe arrival of our Underworld litter today 3 lovely blues & 3 lovely brown/black ( we will confirm colours later ) :)