Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Dramaticas News !!

Today finally saw the arrival of our very special Rembo babies !!!
We have been planning this for so so long now & to finally see it happen we are very very excited. Ever since we saw the amazing pictures of Rembo we were very awe struck with him & I had the pleassure to own one of his lines with Brutus when he arrived from Norway. Brutus is improving better with age & we were delighted when we found Dramatica another one of Rembos lines. Now we have finally managed to double this line we are keeping fingers crossed this mating will be very special indeed. Mommy delivered so quick they were nearly dropping out two at a time so I havent managed to get much of a look at them & do not want to disturb her too much as she is a first time mommy & I dont want her to feel worried at all.
So we are very proud to announce the safe arrival of our Underworld litter today 3 lovely blues & 3 lovely brown/black ( we will confirm colours later ) :)


Midnightstarsiberians said...

aww congratulations! mum is lovely! xx

Chantaris said...

Congratulations Tessa and Dramatica - oh Brutus too! Look forward to watching them as they grow x