Monday, 17 August 2009


As promised we would let you know when we got back from our Hols about our special boy Brutus ........what can I say about him he is just stunning. We could not ask for more he is big heavy & very loving. We can not wait to get this boy on the show bench & then see what special little bundles of joy he will bring us this is very exciting time to work with such an amazing pedigree.
We cannot thank Lil Kathrin enough for keeping him while he did his pets passport, she is a special lady who loved our Brutus alot
Thank you

Very Exciting

We have finally been able to secure a very very special baby who will be coming from a lovely lady who I admire very much . This kitten is going to be alittle hush hush for now because we do not want anything beig spoiled, but we will of course let you all know about this bundle of joy when we are happy to share the information. Of course the little specialbundle will be spending its pets passport with its breeder mommy so we have planty of time to let you all know the details. The pedigree is just amazing & we have been trying to secure this line for some time but now its even better because of both sides not just one............................... :-)

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Show news !!!

Well we went to the Bracknell show with TICA Saturday. It was a long day but well worth it.
Precious became a champion YAY & her son Luka won all 6 rings & then was nomiated in the best 10 kittens from 48 & won 5th place, we were just amazed but very very happy, so here are some pictures. We are very proud of our babies ...........
The next show we will be at Swanley a double weekend for both of them hope we do really well again.