Thursday, 25 February 2010

Roxy !

We had some pictures of one of girls Mika who was called Roxy by their new owner. She has settled in nicely & the family love her so much. We had two Roxy's in this litter so got confusing sometimes lol we think she looks so much like her mommy, we are very very proud ........

Monday, 22 February 2010

N litter 9 weeks old

The N litter went to have their first vaccine the other day & wow did we know about it one of the little boys cried so bad i felt so sorry for him. We havent managed to get many pictures of them this week as we had a busy week with Kace retutrning for mating.
This will be our last week of complete sleep as we have our next litter due a week on Thursday we are very very excited to seew hat babies arrive ..........

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Brutus has a date

Our little girl is all grown up & has returned to us to come meet with Brutus as she is on her third call. Katyenka Kace is a lovely girl who has been doing wounderful on the show bench. She has a lovely profile & her coat is just amazing texture. Hopefully her mommy will be seing the pitter patter of tiny paws shortly.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Snow !

We have lots of snow here in Kent so we took the oppurtunity to take some FAB pictures of them in the snow.

First we have the 8 week old babies ......................



Then we have Daddy Brutus who will be attending his first show on Saturday .........

Luka who is now 10 montyhs old will also be attending the show on Saturday..........

Imir of course our very very handsom white boy who is now looking very nice indeed ........
We are going to be very very busy here at the cattery in the next coming weeks we have our next litter due 4 weeks today & a second litter due in 9 weeks time . We have our little girl Kace returning for stud service. Its all exciting indeed.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Another picture of our lovely girl ......she just seems to blossom every time we see her

Monday, 1 February 2010

Some amazing cats !!!!

Here are some of the amazing cats that are in the pedigrees of our cats. I have been breeding now for 5 years & I am pleased with where I am, where I have been & where I am heading. I have had some amazing Foundation cats in our breeding programme & in our cattery. We have a very very busy year ahead of us then Katyenka will be taking a year or two out as I will be studying for my Teaching degree. We may have one or two litters in this break but nothing much & we hope to do some serious showing in the meantime.
We have the arrival of Slava to look forward to & one more little english gem who has not yet been born to arrive & that will be our last cats in our cattery for a long time.
I hope you enjoy the pictures of theese beauties !!!!!





Cedrik Siberian Star

Amante's Boogie Woogie



& of course our very own Foundation male *Fin Zigwans Chula

Foundation Female * PL Dworku Bojara Hedwiga

Foundation Female *PL Dworku Bojara Hermiona

Foundation Male *USA Siberkot Prince Charming

Prince had a pretty amazing pedigree so it was very very important to us for the gene pool of the UK to get back this line, so we had to line breed to get it back but here is why we did what we did...........
Karolines Abakan - First golden Import into USA in 1992

Kenders Golden boy of Sibirskiy - Americas most titled Siberian
Solace Farm Aleksander
Prince's mommy Star

Elisaveta & Brutus

We are very very excited to announce the next up & coming litter @ Katyenka Elisa has been mated with Brutus & we have been looking at this pedigree again & the pictures of the cats on each side. I am pleasently hopeful for this litter indeed & one will be certainly staying with us when we decide. We will of course let one more go for breeding so if you are interested please contact us. The rest will be sold as pets & show kittens if we have any up & rising stars (which I am sure we will have)
This will be Elis'a last litter for around a year as we will be introducing her to the show bench as she is becoming older she is becoming a very very pretty lady. I just love her pedigree Amante's Boogie Woogie really is a strong carrier of his genes & his kittens are truely wounderful.