Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Ivan / Mojo

We recieved some new pictures of Imirs brother Ivan he is a very lovely boy & certainly very very big. We are so proud of him as we are with all our babies.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Brutus first show

Brutus two brothers & his daddy was at the show this weekend & he did very well here is his report & his pictures we are very happy with this show & we are excited to show him ourselves when he arrives.
Saturday he got EX 2 second place.......... his brother got first place
Sunday he got EX1 first place............... & the comment was he was better then his daddy
Type: Large male with nice strong body, stands on strong bones./ feet’s

Head: A nice shaped head, nice profile, good jaws and chins. Nice look.

Eyes: Nice in shape, nice size and colour

Fur: Very well quality at the coat

Tail: Bushy, nice length

Condition: In GREAT condition, nice and kind boy, I love you

General impression: an exiting cat!

Saturday, 16 May 2009





We just wanted to share a couple of videos for you all to watch of our little babas

5 weeks old

The babs are 5 weeks old now & so much fun they love thier food & yesterday we introduced pinky baby mice to their diet we are looking forward to introduce baby chicks to the diet & in another couple of days we can do so.

Kace has been sold as a breeding female in the UK so we are very excited to be able to watch her on the show bench first as her new mommy is going to show her.

Thursday, 14 May 2009


We took a couple of new pictures of this handsomeman tonight he is so adorable I am ever so pleased he is staying with us he is just coming up to 5 weeks & weighs in at a whopping 700g what a big boy he is .......................here is his first sightings of cat grass we grow for them ..........

Saturday, 9 May 2009

4 weeks old

We are all 4 weeks old now & mummy is getting really excited because we are loads of fun & love to play & the floor is covered in toys wohooooooo just look at us now.

Rabbit !!

Today we decided to introduce our babies to chunks of Rabbit & we were not at all surprised that they LOVED IT.............................we had to feed it with some of the minced raw feed but they ignored the minced food which is great, next week we are going to introduce mice & baby chicks YUMMMY


We decided it was time to let our BIG man Imir introduce himself to the little guys of the house, it soon became aparant that our BIG man was interested in them but was going to take things very slow.

Then out of no where my fearless brave soldier Kostya decided he didnt like this BIG white intruder..................well the picture says it all LOL

Monday, 4 May 2009


What more could we ask for this is a stunning boy who is just giving us bundles of laughs at such an early stage. He certainly knows when we are around & sits & takes in everything. He craves attention & certainly loves the camera. We are looking forward to see how this boy develops we have an idea he is going to be a very popular boy.

babies 3.5 weeks old

The babies are now 3 & half weeks old & moving about great they are very active & notice everything going on around them. The raw feed diet is coming along nicely & they seem to flourishing.
Theese 3 guys have all found new homes ..............
We have theese two kittens left to rehome now one male brown high white tabby & one female for breeding, but she may stay if we dont find her a good home for breeding just dont tell Tony sshh lol.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Katyenka's New girl

We have been in discussion with a very nice cattery for a while now & been waiting for a very special brown tabby girl with no white. She will be our last import now because we feel we have enough new bloodlines to work with & would leave us very short if we wanted to keep any more of our own special little stars. She will be coming from Russia is all we will tell you for now but we will tell you more when we have assesd her as she is only 5 weeks old although her pedigree is fantastic we want to make sure she is evrything we want & she is breeeding material.
Keep checking back to see when we post the details of her in the next couple of weeks I am sure you will not be dissapointed.


We had our latest pictures of our BIG boy Brutus & we are very imprssed with what I see. He has a strong profile & very big bushy tail, I can not believe this boy will be here in August it is all exciting.