Monday, 25 May 2009

Brutus first show

Brutus two brothers & his daddy was at the show this weekend & he did very well here is his report & his pictures we are very happy with this show & we are excited to show him ourselves when he arrives.
Saturday he got EX 2 second place.......... his brother got first place
Sunday he got EX1 first place............... & the comment was he was better then his daddy
Type: Large male with nice strong body, stands on strong bones./ feet’s

Head: A nice shaped head, nice profile, good jaws and chins. Nice look.

Eyes: Nice in shape, nice size and colour

Fur: Very well quality at the coat

Tail: Bushy, nice length

Condition: In GREAT condition, nice and kind boy, I love you

General impression: an exiting cat!

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Sissel said...

Actually I met Brutus at this show, and he was a large and lovely boy. I met his brothers and father too, they are all really nice and has a wonderful temperament. And also the silver is fantastic in this litter!!