Friday, 29 July 2011

Update on who is Available !

We have a few kittens left still looking for their furrever homes, we decided not to keep any on here @ Katyenka due to a few changes in our breeding programme all good I must admitt.

Jason is a high white male with cattitude.............

Bill is Jason's little double a high white male but a little reserved or should I say a gentleman.............

Eric is our bruiser of the litter & he is also called mouth because we can hear him all the time, the only time we dont is when he is sleeping...............

Pam is a little bundle of trouble we have had some words, but she still persisits, little madam........

Arlene is the big bad wolf in sheep clothing watch out she has some spunk this one ...............

Tara is just a little bundle of playfulness.................

Kathrine is the observer, hummm wounder what shes thinking ...............

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Katyenka Annie

Annie our precious last gift from Imir is doing really well, we are not surprised how big she is as her daddy was weighing in at 8.4 kg. She was bigger then her two bothers all the way & she is nearly as big as fussy. her weight is nearly 3 kg at only 4 months old. She reminds me of her daddy in so many ways. We were so glad we kept a girl after we were going to close the white line down altogether.

Annie is sweet & gentle in nature just like her daddy & we simply cannot wait to get her out on the show bench the back end of the year :)

Kittens Reserved

Caroline Available

Jessica Available

Eric Available

Tara Available

Arlene Available

Pam Available

Bill Available

Jason Available

The Underworld Litter

Well it's that time., theese are the last pictures of my babies before they leave thier nest for the big world ahead. Its so nice when it gets to the time of the kittens going to thier new homes but it also a very anxious time for me. Even after 7 years I get worried have I made the right choice will they have a great long life, & will the new owners love thier new furry baby as much as I do.

For now Seline will stay with us unless a breed/show home pops up we have a few enquiries so who knows, & if she doesnt leave its not a great loss just be more of a tight squeeze when the newbies show up lol .