Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The N litter

After all the excitement of our new litter & christams time we have finally managed to get some pictures of the new litter. Precious is being exceptional mommy as normal & the babies are doing great, so good in fact their weights are fab & they are so chunky. We can not sell the last remining kitten from this litter yet as they are booked for breeding so until we see them develop a little more we wont know which boy witll be staying or going but we should be able to advertise him in around 4 weeks time. The babies are 2 weeks tomorrow & already we are starting to see them interact with us & try to play they are a very strong litter who were holding their heads up on their own at a day old & walking without a woblle at 4 days old. We were really excited as we had a classic baby boy in the litter as this is what coat type we are wanting to breed more of. Anyway here are the love bugs first pictures .......................




Thursday, 17 December 2009

Our Christmas Litter

The Christmas litter isborn we are very very happy indeed Precious gave birth to 3 silver & black eating machines. It looks like we have two boys & 1 girl two are booked so that only leaves us with one to spare & as that is a boy we wont be keeping him we have enough boys here. We think we have two spotted & one classic but we will know for sure in a few days as mommy is being really protective & wont let me do too much with them at the moment. So a big congratulations to daddy Brutus well done son.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Adagio baby is born

Finally the very special baby from the Russian Cattery Adagio s born she is very very little at the moment so we dont have any pictures just yet but she is the second to last female we will be importing for a long time now. We have taken a very long time to make sure we have the right female as we want the classic or marble pattern coat type females @ Katyenka & our third precious Russian princess is just that. We have our eyes set on one more female to import here in the UK but she is only a twinkle in her mommy's eyes & will hopefully be born early to middle next year. She will of course be the last female for a long long time.

For now here are some pictures of the last three kittens .........

Siberkot Prince Charming 12.12.07

Just a few little words for our precious baby boy Prince & some pictures as it is now 2 years, we will meet again my baby boy i promise, mommy still loves you very very much xxxxx

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Leaving home

The last few days have been busy with our M litter leaving home & the run up to christmas. It has been fun indeed putting up the decorations & tree with a litter of 6 kittens around they have been finding it very interesting all the shiny tinsel to attack & balls to hunt but best of all a new tree to climb. We have only the three babies at home until Saturday when another baby leaves then little buttons leaves, with Misha leaving for Switzerland end of January.
The boys have now settled in their new accommodation finally............
Last but not least 2 days until the countdown begins for Precious, she is very very big indeed so we are expecting at least 3-4 babies if not more. Harmony we are still not sure so she attends her anti natel scan tomorrow just to check on her as her last pregnancy did not materialise :(
So its going to be a very very busy xmas for us indeed with one or two new litters, what a fabulous xmas pressie indeed :)

Friday, 4 December 2009

Boys Accomodation

Today the boys accommodation arrived we have always had the policy where all oour cats run together but since we have more then we normally have, we decided it was time for the boys to have thier own rooms. Luka & Imir have gone in together for now & Brutus is on his own for now so we have one room left for when King Sheraz arrives. This leaves the big room for the girls when they have babies. We are going to divide the room so we can have three girls either sperate or running together as not all our girls along nicely. This will be the first kitten room until the babies are old enough to tear about the house like the litter we have at the moment. We needed more room as we have some great cats now & two more arriving so the next couple of years we will spending time with our own combinations different mixing & matching instead of importing all the time. We have been breeding for nearly 5 years now & feel it is time to work with out own lines so we will be keeping a few babies next year to work with. We feel the time is right we have enough room.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The kittens

Well the babies leave home in about 3 weeks time but we are not sad because we have another 2 litters due any day now. Lots of babies for xmas this year so exciting. We will be keeping one of the babies until late January before she flies out to Switzerland. The pictures were taken not long after they had their bath so their coats look like little scraggy bags lol ............. so here are the crazy bunch.