Thursday, 23 July 2009


Well we had some news the other day that our special smoke girl is infact a male so we had to decline this offer but to our surprise they have a lovely female brown classic, she will now not arrive until September so we now look forward to her arrival & of course as she is from the UK we are extra happy.
It is not all bad news as we may have the chance of a female smoke we will find out the first week in September fingers crossed.
We also find out about another female we have been waiting for this is a great mating & we can not wait to find out if we have a baby in this mating, this mating has taken some time as it was supposed to happen very early in the year but fait led its hand & nothing happened. She will be coming from Finland so this is the second Finnish import we will have had, so again fngers crossed.

Some of you may well remember that we were getting a girl from Adagio this is still going ahead we have just chosen a different female we will update you further when we come back form our holiday when we will have a very special delivery as Brutus is coming home YAY

Monday, 13 July 2009

All flown the nest

Well the last few days have been very hard indeed all have now flown the nest except our little Luka, he has been walking round feeling rather lost with himself & I can see the confusion in his eyes to what has happened to them. As usual all the babies have left & now the mommys are calling again because precious took over the care of all 6 babies from them being 4 weeks old we are not breeding her yet but Elisa had been children free for 9 weeks already & has called 3 times. We do not like breeding the queens when they had a full litter but as she has been kittenless for so long we have had her to the vets had full blood work done & health check & been given the go ahead that she should be completely fine to mate again, so we are very happy to go ahead. Precious can not be mated yet because we want to get her on the show bench first & see what we can get her titled to, all very exciting indeed. I can not believe we may have kittens again in a few months hehehehe

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Leaving home

Well today was a very hard day indeed two of our lovely babies have left home Kace has left home to live with Leah & her family, she will be shown & be a lovely breeding girl for the start of their new breeding cattery. Kace was a big girl coming second in height length & weight she is showing great promise so we look forward to meeting up with them again on the show bench sometime.
Second to go was our little black boy Alfie aka Kiril he was our cuddler of the litter he would waste no time in climbing on my lap to help me read a good book & just purr & purr. His new family love him so much & I just know he will be very well spoilt which helps so much with the fact they have left home.
I look forward to showing updates of how the kittens get one & showing piccies when they arrive.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

It is going to get very busy here @ Katyenka we have two new arrivals within a month of eachother, the first being our English baby black smoke girl we are very excited to be expecting a kitten for once as all our cats have been imports. She was very unexpected but we are getting more excited to collect her in only 4 weeks time, we are hoping to get her on the show bench with Precious & Luka in August.
Secondly is the arrival of Brutus in August, this is of course an amazing time for us as he is another import it will be of course our first meet & greet . He looks splendid on the pictures so we can not contain our excitement for the special arrival.
Then inbetween this we are moving home sheesh, we have managed to secure a lovely house with plenty of room for our growing furry family it even has its own kitten room which will be nice so we are now deciding on the special cat houses for outside with special pressure heat pads for when it is cold & air con for when it is hot & trees to climb & scratch thier claws on with a special cat proof garden so they can play sit & have plenty of cuddles when we are out sitting in the garden .

Its goodbye time

Well the kittens are not feeling photogenic at all any more as soon as i come anywhere near with the camera they are off.
They went to the vets today to have their second vaccines & their health check before they set of in the big bad world & leave the home to go to their new mommy's & daddy's.
Luckily we have Luka satying with us so we still have one baby to contend with which will be nice.
Luka & his mommy Precious will be attending thier first show in August so we will keep our fingers crossed that they both do well.
It will be nice to meet the human slaves that have chosen a Katyenka baby it is laways a happy time for them when they come to collect their new furry baby.