Monday, 13 July 2009

All flown the nest

Well the last few days have been very hard indeed all have now flown the nest except our little Luka, he has been walking round feeling rather lost with himself & I can see the confusion in his eyes to what has happened to them. As usual all the babies have left & now the mommys are calling again because precious took over the care of all 6 babies from them being 4 weeks old we are not breeding her yet but Elisa had been children free for 9 weeks already & has called 3 times. We do not like breeding the queens when they had a full litter but as she has been kittenless for so long we have had her to the vets had full blood work done & health check & been given the go ahead that she should be completely fine to mate again, so we are very happy to go ahead. Precious can not be mated yet because we want to get her on the show bench first & see what we can get her titled to, all very exciting indeed. I can not believe we may have kittens again in a few months hehehehe

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