Thursday, 21 April 2011

21 days today !

The guys are getting big now & are playing with thier own paws cleaning & nibbling eachother as well as mommy from time to time. They have slowed down on their weight gain as they are more active day to day & they are recognising when I talk to them now as well...........
They are all just super adorable I dont know how I am going to part with any of theese guys at all. I have decided Annie will be staying with us but not sure on Mitch yet, my heart says keep him but my head says NO !!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Taurus Oblachko babies

We have finally taken some pictures of the latest kittems here @ Katyenka. We had three very chubby little babies & we have some pictures to share with you. Momma Precious is doing very well with them & they are just starting to open thier eyes. We do not know what we are doing with the kittens as of yet as they are the last of Imirs babies so we may just have to keep one or two :) who knows !

The names have been inspired by the series Being Human which I am thoroughly enjoying at the moment