Sunday, 21 June 2009

I'ma man what do you expect !

I had to take a couple of shots when I saw this, Imir is 10 months old now & he has let us know he is all man, we are just waiting for him to prove himself in that respect.

Imir likes to do nothing all day but laze around sleep eat & have the odd little cuddle now & again, everything is done on his terms he is very big @ over 6 kilos & very powerfull so there is not much in the way of arguments lol. Imir is my liccle baba & he will always hold a very special place in my heart with regards to his Grandad Prince, I can not get over the likeness just he is more forthcoming then Prince ever was.

I miss Prince every day & will never forget him he was my special baby boy who spent such a short time with me but the time we had will always remain in my heart forever until the day we meet again.

My Beloved Prince pictured below.............
& a picture to compare of Imir...............

Our rising star Luka

There is a word called imprint it is a term used when you do Falconry, this means a hatchling that is brought up from chick to adult by the human & recognises its owner with food & screams for food when the owner is sighted. Hummmm I can safely say that Luka is an imprint, because he was the only kitten born from Precious he was molly cuddled & by lord are we regretting it now lol every room we go into that the little scamp is not allowed into he screams & screams & when he sights me he screams even louder. Bless his little cotton socks but this what we get when he also has the most talkative mother in the world. Precious can talk until the cows come home & as we are not a farm & neither do any cows come to our home you can imagine how much she talks lol.

Luka is over a kilo at 10 weeks old he eats for Britain & when he has his fill sleeps with his head resting on the plate if their is food left so when he wakes he can eat again.

But we do love him so xx

10 weeks old

Well the babies are now 10 weeks old & they get into so much mischief we are always having to do a head count as they are running all over the house we have to make sure we are not missing anyone or anyone has not got themselves into trouble they can not get out of. Only 3 weeks left & they leave home how exciting for the new owners & a little peace & quiet time time,but they will be sorely missed, until the next lot come along :=)
They are all looking foxy like now long legs & long bodies this is good for development because they are not looking like a sibi too early, which means they have more time to mature, but they are eating me out of house & home in the meat department but it is well worth it.
Obviously Brutus will be here soon so we will have our first lot of Rembo related babies so that is so exciting & precious will hopefully be mated with Imir ( if she stops bullying him ) so it should not be long before we again hear the pitter patter of tiny feet.
We also have the arrival of two new girls in between Duffy & our new little smoke baby :=)

Saturday, 13 June 2009


Here are our latest updates on our new stud boy Brutus, he is getting really big & filling out on his profile. Brutus is very young & still has alot of time to mature he has a strong profile just like his daddy had when he was young but he has filled out nicely into his profile & so should Brutus. Brutus is from Rembo lines , anyone who knows Rembo will know how superb & stunning he is. Rembo's pedigree is strong & Bruts will be the first Rembo lines in the UK & we are very proud to have two firsts in the UK, the first being the solid whites.
Look at Brutus & his daddy we are as big as eachother.................

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

!!!!! Chmpion Efrem !!!!!

Well we are just full of pride & smiling from ear to ear for our little baby girl Efrem who lives in Norway with the best mommy ever Siv. This weekend Siv took Efrem to a show & Efrem got her champion status & double whammy we are proud to say Efrem was also tested Neg for HCM which proves to us what we do is FAB & we are working on some great lines. We love each & every baby that leaves us & it is wounderful to hear from them all from time to time but news like this really goes to show all the hard work sweat & tears is worth every moment.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


It has been a long time since we have posted anything about our special white boy Imir so we thought we had better update you all on how he is coming along. Imir is in his typical teenage years now & hates to do things when he is told he is naughty all the time & still full of play. He is very big powerful & heavy so you can imagine playtime hurts lol. We have been weatching him develop & we are very happy indeed with his progress he is now 10 months old & weighs in at 6 1/2 kilos . We think his profile is nice for a solid white boy as the whites are in early development especially in the UK as we have only just began to work with solid white. We like him alot so we are very happy with his type I only hope his behaviour picks up so we could get him on the show bench again as he did very well at the siberian special towards the end of the year when he was a kitten so we would like to see what he would do now he is an adult nearly.

Monday, 8 June 2009

8 weeks old

Well the kittens are nearly 9 weeks old & they are due for their first vaccines in a few days. Its been a pleasure & gift having babies again & its just seems to have flown & soon they will be leaving home with their new mommys & daddys. Theese guys seem to have grown legs & now they seem to be filling outwards again but they do look ever so funny running up & down the stairs now as they have full acess to the house (except for Imir's room he does not like the new additions typical male with teenage attitude lol) Kalia is our watcher she sits & takes everything in her stride she is such a darl, kiril (alfie) is the cuddler he sleeps & cuddles & purrs all day long with a little play of course, kace is just trouble with a capital T she gets evrywhere & into everything with her partner in crime Luka, kostya just loves to bull doze around everywhere & kolya is a little shy & reserved but I think that his his gentle nature.


We had some more pictures sent through on Duffy & WOW look at her she is just amazing, we are very excited to meet her....................

Luka 8 weeks

It's hard to believe how old the babies are now but they are getting bigger & bigger & visit the vets very shortly for their first vaccines. I havent updated pictures of our lovely boy for a while as they keep me so busy & entertained all the time I keep forgetting to take more pictures, so here he is our stunning boy who will be attending his first show shortly.