Friday, 27 February 2009

The Siberian Tiger (so he thinks )

Dont tell him otherwise but he thinks he is the great Siberian Tiger Hunter ........
We have decided to feed our cats on a more natural raw diet so they only recieve dry cat food as a treat. Exceptions for Precious as she is pregnant.
So we have tried them with rabbitt which they need some more tempting with ......
Pork they loved.....
Baby chicks went down a real treat.......
But the funny one was the mice watching the real hunter instincs come alive in Imir was hilarious, he had us entertained for a good 2o minutes he was so proud at the end that he had managed to catch his prey & successfully kill it (we didnt tell him it was already dead we didnt want to hurt his feelings )

The countdown

Brutus is now 4 months old & he is so big now, we are getting very excited that this little man will be in our arms in around 6 months time he really is growing into a super sibi boy.

At the same time we will be collecting our other super boy Kmuel so we have a busy schedule ahead of us when we fly to Norway to meet our furry babies & their human servants............

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Precious aka Oblachko

With all the excitement going on at the cattery its been a busy time for us, our little girl from Russia has been renamed Precious because thats is what she is. What more can I say about her she is ever so friendly she can not cuddle us enough purring loudly with contentment. She is still showing me a nice pink pregnant belly so we are hoping the journey did not upset her too much. She is enjoying her raw diet foods, this is something we are of course new to but we are very hopeful so far & all the cats have enjoyed it. We have now decided that raw meat & fish will be the main diet of our cats not dry food supplemented with omega 3 oil & bentonite clay for minerals. We are looking forward to feeding small rats & mice & chicks again. I have fed kittens with chicks before & they love it really turning to thier primal instincts its ever so much fun to watch. We are very lucky to have a great butcher who sells all manner of meats & a great fishmonger for our mackerel & herring sardines & salmon (one of the great joys of living by the sea)
We are constantly learning with how our sibis & feel we are happy to adapt our ways to help with growth & reproduction of healthy happy siberians.
So we have 5 weeks now of peace & quiet untill we hear the pitter patter of tiny paws again, I simply can not wait hehe

Sunday, 22 February 2009


Wow what a weekend it has been but HORAAAAY Oblachko is finally here in the UK & in our loving arms. It was a hectic weekend we set of early Saturday afternoon travelled 5 hours all the way to Hull stayed overnight & hardly got any sleep. We met with Adrienn @ 9am this morning all were tired indeed so we decided we should set of for home as soon as we possibly could. Upon arriving home we placed Oblachko in our very own bedroom to spend some much needed time relaxing & so we can get to know her. Within seconds she was curled up near the crook of my neck prodding on me purring contented as a kitten. We are so in love with her already, she is my precious lady ................

Wednesday, 18 February 2009


We are very very excited today not only did we have confirmation Oblachko has very pink nipples but we get to see her for the very first time in only 4 days this is great news indeed...............

Imir our home baby is getting so big now he weighs in at nearly 5 kilos & will be 6 months old next week we are looking forward to his next show in March/April & then later in the year his first litter....................

We have decided depending on the colours we will be keeping a girl from our special mating between Oblachko & Otello it is too much of a good opportunity to not keep a girl when the mating will not be repeated again..........

Keep tuning in as we have two females from two different catteries, they are very special indeed & we are very excited to be getting them...................

That is all for now we will of course be back in 4-5 days time with an update & pictures of Oblachko.

Monday, 9 February 2009


We had our weekly update of our growing boy Brutus he is growing quite fast now weighing in at 2410g.
Here are the pictures

Friday, 6 February 2009

Katyenka Ivanno

We had an update today from Imir's brother Ivanno we love getting update of the babies when they have left home it makes us smile & we know we made the right choice & the right home. He is exactly the same as his brother waking them up @ 5 am to groom them & make them get up out of bed.........they are very particular like that our sibis.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Elisavita is our second home grown female & we are so proud of her. Elisa is now 13 months old & she is filling out nicely. Very early on Elisa was a very slim girl & I was worried about her, but now I can safely say I am proud to put any photos of our baby girl on the web. One point we like to make is the colour of Elisa's eyes she has the most piercing green eyes so we are hoping Imir has the same colour, so far its looking that way. Elisa is presently with a handsome boy to produce some amazing kittens so watch this space.................


We are so proud of our little Imir we were so lucky to be able to continue with the lines we imported from USA. Imir is growing so big he is only a little over 5 months & over 4 kilos already. When he stands with his mommy he is a big as her now, we are excited to watch how big he is growing, or how big he will be fully grown.

Sunday, 1 February 2009


14 weeks old he is getting big now he has had his rabies cvaccination so it wont be long now how exciting