Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Precious aka Oblachko

With all the excitement going on at the cattery its been a busy time for us, our little girl from Russia has been renamed Precious because thats is what she is. What more can I say about her she is ever so friendly she can not cuddle us enough purring loudly with contentment. She is still showing me a nice pink pregnant belly so we are hoping the journey did not upset her too much. She is enjoying her raw diet foods, this is something we are of course new to but we are very hopeful so far & all the cats have enjoyed it. We have now decided that raw meat & fish will be the main diet of our cats not dry food supplemented with omega 3 oil & bentonite clay for minerals. We are looking forward to feeding small rats & mice & chicks again. I have fed kittens with chicks before & they love it really turning to thier primal instincts its ever so much fun to watch. We are very lucky to have a great butcher who sells all manner of meats & a great fishmonger for our mackerel & herring sardines & salmon (one of the great joys of living by the sea)
We are constantly learning with how our sibis & feel we are happy to adapt our ways to help with growth & reproduction of healthy happy siberians.
So we have 5 weeks now of peace & quiet untill we hear the pitter patter of tiny paws again, I simply can not wait hehe

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