Friday, 27 March 2009

Precious !

Sorry we could not update you on our third girl precious she is looking like she is in the very early stages of labour very uncomfortable & unhappy with me & the camera so we will of course update you all when we have any news !!!!

What does 5kilos of solid white Sibireian look like ????

The boss of the house !!

A very fed up & heavily pregnant Elisavita

Exciting news!!!!!

We are so excited we have some very good news that very shortly we will have a new female coming to join us.
She is so adorable we fell in love from the moment we saw her we have been working with this line for some time now & it is very stable line so we welcome another addition to the cattery very in a few weeks watch this space for further details of our new princess.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

5 months old Brutus

Here are the 5 month old update of our baby boy Brutus such a big boy he is getting we have pictures with his dad in stud pants we are hoping Brutus will like his pants also as our boys live in the home with us just how we like it :)

Ivan aka Mojo

We recieved email of one of our previous babies Imir's previously stated we just love updates on our babies being spoiled in thier new homes & to see how big & handsome they get.
Ivan was a cutie pie he was always there cuddling up in our arms as a baby & by the sounds of things he makes sure he still gets the attention when it is time to settle for the night lol.
We just want to thank Lauren for the new pictures & we look forward to many more years of his handsome face being sent to us lol

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Busy Busy

Well it looks like spring is finally here in Kent & we are sure of that by the loud calling
of one of our ladies here @ Katyenka.
Precious was taken to the vets today for her aniti-natel appointment & all is fine with her & her precious cargo the vet has confimred this & also confirmed we have some VERY BIG babies but only one or two in there & not long to go to due date he thinks two weeks the most.

Eliza also had her anti-natel today the vet confirmed around 7-9 he could feel in there which sounds about right from her last litter. Again both mommy & cargo are all ok.

Imir is going to be a proud daddy in around 65 days or so we are very excited to be expecting white babies again they are very special to us so we are keeping our fingers crossed.
Well I guess it will be pretty busy here soon three ladies in waiting .............

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Previous babies update

We had another update on one of our previous babies little Hedeon aka (Oscar)
He is doing really well showing all the human servants the ropes & making sure everyone keeps in line to what should & shouldnt be done. I am really happy with the news of all my last litter as their weight is between 4-5 kilos at 5 months old.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


We love getting updates on our previous kittens & there is nothing more exciting when we here we have grandbabies born. Baronessa left Katyenka & headed across the pond to the USA to start her show breeding life. We have just been notified that Baronessa has given birth to her third litter & what little darlings they are. We are so proud of her & so is her mommy Melodye.
Congratulations to them both we are very proud of you Baronessa ........


Here is our next weekly dose of my handsome young man Brutus we love getting his weekly updates he changes so much from week to week when you bring up your own baby sibis at home you dont tend to notice the growth unless you go away for a night or two. The changes to us are very noticeable. We are very biest but we think he is very handsome & we can not wait to get him home in 6 months to get him on the show bench