Thursday, 27 January 2011

Kittens that are sold

Theese guys are all sold & have their new owners but we are putting pictures up so the owners can see them progressing & growing into very very naughty & mischevious kitties indeed :)

Candy-Cane is under evaluation to stay here @ Katyenka............

Available !

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Finally !

We are very happy to announce the preganacy of our special couple Katyenka Imir & Taurus Oblachko. We have been trying to mate this pair for around a year now, but they just did not like eachother in the slightest. So we are very very proud to say that if you keep at it in the end it can all work out. We will be awaiting patiently for the babies to arrive, I only get one month peace & rest before the next Katyenka babies will arrive :)

Monday, 17 January 2011


Milo is grwoing & growing his is going to be a large boy we reckon. He is now 9 months old & weighed in at 4.9 kg . He loves his grooming day & when he can come inside to play around with the other babies & toys. His coat is superb & he is just a su per boy just like his daddy we think.


Monday is the boys day, they come in from the cattery & spend a long time being groomed & cleaned & petted. They love thier monday, we do groom them on other days but MOndays we take as long as they can stand being inside. At the moment Imir has alot of wooly undercoat coming out so we are trying to get as much of that out as possible for him. We also weighed him & we couldnt believe our eyes when he tipped the scales at a whopping 8.2 kg. He truely is my big white prince. With his piercing green eyes & loving nature what is not to love about this boy.......ow & he is a stunning sibi in every way possible.

Available !

We have 5 babies left for sale Two females & 3 males .....................


Saturday, 15 January 2011

Available !!

We have some kittens that are left for sale & two are on hold to be evaluated !
They are nearly 7 weeks old & growing so fast & eating us out of house & home & keeping me on my toes ................ here are the neames of the kittens available
Tinsel (only female left )
Candy-Cane & Star are the two under evaluation :)
We will of course post more pictures next week for you to see but if you scroll fursther down the blog you can see pictures of the kittens ................

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Countdown !

We are getting so excited & can not wait to meet our new arrival she is very very pretty & the most stunning eyes. Yes you may have guessed it but in just over a fortnight we will have Dramatica in our ams & on English turf.
It takes so long for both breeder & new owner when you deal with pets passport & most breeders in the UK have now imported a cat, know how this feels. So when it all comes to an end you are left feeling very grateful that someone has had the time & effort into helping this all come together. I first met Siv several years ago when I sent over a little precious bundle Katyenka Efrem & never in my wildest dreams thought it would end with recieving a lovely girl like Dramatica. Dramatica is from Rembo lines & we are hoping great things with our two Norwegian beauties. Both Brutus & Dramatica will be mated later in the year when have taken Dramatica to a few shows while she has her winter coat from Norway. It has taken Brustus 2 years to get a winter coat here after living in Norway. Brutus is starting to develop nicely now so fingers crossed we will replicate another little Rembo ( or maybe not so little ) :)

The last three

We finally managed to get some pictures of the last three babies who had sore eyes, they are now a little better & we had enough light not to use a flash, so here they are...................

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Here come the boys !

Well the boys are just as as cute so here they are far we are very fond of Winter he is showing great promise & superb purrsonality. He loves to watch the washing machine & he even talks to it when it switched on swirling round & round so funny. We have two more boys as of the girls they wont be getting any pictures until their eyes clear up.

Round 2 The Girls

There are two more girls but due to having a little eye infection I am not going to be taking any pictures of them as of yet.

This little one will be staying with us she is under evaluation :)

Here come the girls !

We are trying to get some pictures of the babies today & as there are 13 of the little scamps it will be an all day project. Not only because there are so many of them but because I have to wait until they are awake. The babies are now 5 weeks old & growing nicely. They are all weaned now & using the litter tray nicely. Mums are starting to get a little nervous as they are running around & getting into lots of mischief. Its really nice to see thier individual purrsonality coming out, we really do have some cheeky scamps this time :)
So here are four of the eight girls more to come soon !!!!!