Sunday, 19 June 2011

True Blood litter

The true blood litter was inspired just as the new season 4 is just about to air on TV. I thought as this is the biggest litter we have had, we were able to use most of the main charachters. They are also a week old now & I am only topping up one kitten who is a little smaller then the others so she is struggling to fight them off for milk bar. I am so proud of mommy who is coping really well with them & so I managed to sneak some pictures with a helping hand to remember who I had taken & who was left :)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Vampire Diaries litter

There just happened to be 5 little kitties in this litter after I finished reading all the Vampire Diaries books. So I was one short & didnt know who to choose between Stefan & Damon but I couldnt resist the dark side of Damon :)

They are already opening their eyes I couldnt believe it when I went in to take pictures this morning. Mommy is doing really well & they are more then double thier birth weight. They are big chuncky kittens. Musrafy Mihailo is the father & Rossity Slava mommy. Well here they are :

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Underworld Litter

The babies are now 6 weeks old they have grown so so much but they still look so small with us having kittens that are 11 weeks old in the house. We only have Amelia available to a show breeding home. I have decided to keep Seline here @ Katyenka. Amelia is so so adorable & if you love the blues then she will be an asset for someone. Lycan will go to live with George with Donna they are going to be so spolied. Viktor has a new family waiting & Sonja is going to a new family down south.

Picture Time

Well the Being Human litter are 11 weeks old tomorrow so here are a few pictures of them getting into mischief. George is known for for walking around mewing I can always tell where he is lol. He just craves attention. Micth is a tearaway boy does he like to get into as much trouble as possible, he never sits still for more then a few seconds. Annie is a lovely girl who will take down the boys anytime, she is a little bigger then them both, but she has been since birth.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Busy times !

Gosh its been a busy few days here @ katyenka with two new mommys giving birth within a day of eacother. Rossity Slava aka Boo has given birth to 5 healthy babies 3 are brown girls, one brown boy & one solid black girl. They are lovely big babies & doing very well on day 3.
Katyenka Elisa has given birth to an astounding 9 babies, we just couldnt believe it. Because this is a huge litter they were not big babies so I am supplement feeding through the day to help them along the way for a few weeks. I havent yet sexed everybody but we have one blue one blue with white & possibly three brown tabbys & four high whites. Pictures will follow later in a week or two time :)