Sunday, 19 June 2011

True Blood litter

The true blood litter was inspired just as the new season 4 is just about to air on TV. I thought as this is the biggest litter we have had, we were able to use most of the main charachters. They are also a week old now & I am only topping up one kitten who is a little smaller then the others so she is struggling to fight them off for milk bar. I am so proud of mommy who is coping really well with them & so I managed to sneak some pictures with a helping hand to remember who I had taken & who was left :)


Lunik Tyen Siberians said...

Very nice Tessa. They grow so fast. Gorgeous babies. x

Lunik Tyen Siberians said...

Bet these two great kittens aren't available for long !!! x