Friday, 8 July 2011

Update !

We havent posted in such a while it has been so so busy here with three litters now left out of four. It is not something that will be repeated again (trust me ) it has been very very hard work & they are eating me out of house & home lol
The Underworld litter have been for their first vaccination & were all given a clean bill of health & the vets were very happy with them. Only a short 3 weeks to go until they arrive at their new homes.

The Vampire Diaries litter are fabulous I am so very very pleased with how they have progressed, I have to admitt they do hate being in the kitten pen area, as they can see the bigger guys running around playing they want to be out & about as much as possible. Mommy is doing a great job with them being her second litter. I am hoping to have her some time off breeding & enter her on the show bench after xmas :)

The True Blood litter is not as fast progressing as the Vampire Diaries but I am not surprised with mommy having 9 of them to deal with. At the moment we are having to help with bathing them & constant litter training with them as mommy is finding it difficult keeping control of 9. They are weaned alredy that didnt take much at all, just got to master the potty training lol. Everybody is looking good I must say, so that is a bonus..........

I have to say I am not looking forward to the next 3 weeks when I have 13 little scamps & two bigger scamps running around the house up & down the stairs chuckle chuckle lord help me what have I done lol :):):)

Breeding will now be put on hold as the cattery is on its final move back to Kent in September where we will be able to get back on the show bench again yipeee. Also we will be much closer for the collection of our new arrival :):) exciting news indeed.

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