Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Cattery News

Well all 6 of th ittens are now sold wee very happy to announce we probably won e adding any pictures this week as we arstill settling in our temp accommodation.
I would like to say we are due another litter in around 14 days so please if you are interested in a kitten contact us & we will get back to you, it may take a little while but we will of course contct you .

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Available kitties !

We have only 3 kittens left waiting for their new mommy or daddy the guys are 3 weeks old this Thursday. We are in the process of moving to North Yorkshire but we do have to travel half the distance back to Kent when the kittens are ready to leave home as we have one kitten who is going to be living in London. The kittens will be ready to leave home any day after the 27th May
Please email me @ tessamreynolds@hotmail.com
Oleg male brown tabby ...........

Orrel male silver/brown tabby ......

Olechka female blue torbie ...........

Thursday, 18 March 2010

O litter

Well we are so unbelievebly busy with the big move but the show still goes on & of course I still have lots & lots of cuddle time for the new litter who are now 2 weeks old. I just can not believe how quick the time is flying by. The kitens have all opened their eyes & starting to move around & hold their own now. They all know when I come in & out of the pen & are all starting to come forward to me when I talk to them. I can see some of their playfulness coming through which is great as well.
So far we still have possibly 4 babies left to sell if you are still interested ?????
Available silver boy

Available high white brown & black girl...........

Available brown tabby boy........

Maybe on hold ??????

Gayles babie Girl :)

Pamela's babie boy :)

Sunday, 14 March 2010


All I can say is what a stunner she is turning out like .............


Our second Russian princess Slava has not long left in Russia & will be joining us in less then 3 months. We are very very excited & simply cannot wait to meet her. She is to be part of our classic breeding programme. We have done well & had two classic babies now so it is looking very promising indeed. We have just been sent some lovely pictures of her, so here she is ...........

Finally hurrah !!

We are so so so excited, finally we have had news that a black smoke can come join our cattery. We have been waiting a long time to not only find the right pedigree but a female smoke girl for our two silver boys. I simply cannot believe early 2011 we will have our very own smoke girl. We will of course update you later with details of the girl who will be kept secret untill we are ready as she has only been born.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Kiril (Alfie)

Kiril is one of our K babies & is coming up to a year old he was our very nice looking black baby. Well he is back with us for a couple of months & we are very proud of him. He is a very handsome boy now & its nice to see one of our babies a year old especially the only second black kitten we have had. So we would love to share some pictures with you all of Alfie..................

Thursday, 11 March 2010

The last pictures of my N babies !

N Litter leave home tonight !!!!!

Everyone went for their vet check up this afternoon as the babies leave home tonight, well two leave tonight & our baby gal leaves firt thing in the morning. It is always a little bit sad when the babies are due to leave home, but the peace & quiet is nice for a couple of minutes then you realise how dull & quiet life is without them. I guess I will have to concentrate on the new 6 babies upstairs & the litter we are due in 5 weeks time.

One of the N litter new owners sent us an email with the new cat gym all set up ready for him asking did I think he would like it .......I think he will not only like it but LOVE it

O litter 1 week old

Oh how the time flies by I can not believe they are 1 week old already. This is truely a smashing litter & mommy is doing really well with them she has moved them again but they are all safe & she is happy with the new house so we dont mind. I am loving a litter all different colours again it really is super to see them grow up & I find kittern owners really like to see a litter of all colours.
We have had many many enquiries from breeders regarding this litter but nothing set in stone yet. We are secretly hoping to keep the blue grirl here we are keeping her under evaluation for now to see how she develops.

So here they are the new litter ............

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Some pictures

I have been trying all day to get some pictures of the new litter but it has been proving difficult after laying there several times for an hour at a time. Not only does mommy keep pulling them away from me they all keep screaming & spitting when I touch them to be near mommy, all good fun.
But I did manage to get a few good shots so here they are :
Silver & black classic tabby
Black,brown & high white

Blue tabby

Brown Tabby

Friday, 5 March 2010

The O litter @ Katyenka

We have had our next litter here @ Katyenka we had 6 lovely healthy babies all different colours as well. We have a blue classic & black & high white a silver & black a black with white & a brown with white & one more not sure on the colour just yet lol. I love getting a litter like this when they are all different. If the blue is a girl she will be staying with us grin grin. We are happy that we now know Brutus carries dilute as he has mated our Harmony we are hoping for a tortie ot torbie girl from that mating which will be born in April so watch this space.
Pictures coming soon when momma lets me

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

N Litter & Kitten watch

Well the N litter is 11 weeks old tommorrow they leave for their new homes next weekend it will be so sad to see them leave. I find when you have such a small litter it is more personal & y ou get more time with each kitten thus why I prefer the small litters. One kitten out of every litter i find seems to shine more then the others & we will sad to see our little mini Brutus leave he is such a charachter, everyone loves him.

We are now on kitten watch Lisa is due her litter from tomorrow, she is usually pretty good & has he litter on her due date but just to be sure I dont miss the birth I always have a few sleepless nights ahead of me when the girlies are due. We are very excited about this litter of Lisa & Brutus we may very well be keeping a little girlie from this litter we will see what happens.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Hi allI am forwarding this information because I feel it is important so please read & pass along to anyone

Please in the interests of the welfare of cats I want to share this with you. Our experiences with this food in which I am legally entitled to do - I see it is going international now. Please visit my webpage for a rather thrown together article at present.It is being added to when I have time but the important points are there. I have recieved numerous complaints from people all over the UK about this food and their cats falling ill. Also complaints from people in Europe. If anyone has this food and experienced vomiting and diarrhoea - food refusal - head trmours - unexpecting heart murmurs - liver and kidney issues that have come out the blue and also suspected FIP rapid weight loss - jaundice and any other unusual illness please have the food tested for Mycotoxins and Melamine.Please do not mis the food with another just to use it up - if your cat will not eat it it is because they know better! Keep the food keep the original sack and keep any unopened bags also. Ask your trading Standards department or your countries equivalent to test the food.These toxins have been found in the food I purchased by the Trading Standards department. It made my cats extremely ill - some fataly so - other people have had the same things happen to their cats. Vets - although familiar with Mycotoxins in livestock feeds are not suspecting of these in cat foods, afterall we all expect these foods to be safe - also dont be fooled by 'cereal free so no mycotoxins' - we found it - and mycotoxins are actually in cereal by products.The company are well aware of the findings but appear to be unmoved!! Please be aware - of the most lethal mycotoxins T2 and HT2 - please do not let your children near this food. Cats cannot flush these out as well as humans and other mammals can. I have researched this topic well and have many scientific papers here. I have spoken to three Veterinary toxicologists and a veterinary pathologist as well as the European Commission and food standards agencies. I am in the process of getting this matter addressed.You can google these toxins and see for yourself.Please feel free to pass this email along to other lists to create awareness