Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Hi allI am forwarding this information because I feel it is important so please read & pass along to anyone

Please in the interests of the welfare of cats I want to share this with you. Our experiences with this food in which I am legally entitled to do - I see it is going international now. Please visit my webpage for a rather thrown together article at present.It is being added to when I have time but the important points are there. I have recieved numerous complaints from people all over the UK about this food and their cats falling ill. Also complaints from people in Europe. If anyone has this food and experienced vomiting and diarrhoea - food refusal - head trmours - unexpecting heart murmurs - liver and kidney issues that have come out the blue and also suspected FIP rapid weight loss - jaundice and any other unusual illness please have the food tested for Mycotoxins and Melamine.Please do not mis the food with another just to use it up - if your cat will not eat it it is because they know better! Keep the food keep the original sack and keep any unopened bags also. Ask your trading Standards department or your countries equivalent to test the food.These toxins have been found in the food I purchased by the Trading Standards department. It made my cats extremely ill - some fataly so - other people have had the same things happen to their cats. Vets - although familiar with Mycotoxins in livestock feeds are not suspecting of these in cat foods, afterall we all expect these foods to be safe - also dont be fooled by 'cereal free so no mycotoxins' - we found it - and mycotoxins are actually in cereal by products.The company are well aware of the findings but appear to be unmoved!! Please be aware - of the most lethal mycotoxins T2 and HT2 - please do not let your children near this food. Cats cannot flush these out as well as humans and other mammals can. I have researched this topic well and have many scientific papers here. I have spoken to three Veterinary toxicologists and a veterinary pathologist as well as the European Commission and food standards agencies. I am in the process of getting this matter addressed.You can google these toxins and see for yourself.Please feel free to pass this email along to other lists to create awareness

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