Thursday, 23 October 2008

After the move

Well we all survived the move gained 2 more cats Foxy & Cuba their pet names. I sold them to someone a year ago as all my cats go with contracts she breeched hers & they were not fed properly & all their fur was matted up so i brought them home they have put on plenty of weight on theese pictures but they have no coat because i had to shave them down as the matts were so bad we could not comb them out. I may have found my silver male & he will be here in time for christmas if all goes well i love his pedigree so i am keeping my fingers crossed ...........

Friday, 10 October 2008

new pictures

I felt it time i should post some new pictures one boy in particular is showing much promise & such a shame he is sold as pet only as it will be a shame to the breeding & showing future for siberians as he would be an amazing atribute to both....................

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I am getting very excited regarding the arrival of our new Oblachko, we are just waiting to hear from James Cargo for the paperwork then she will be free to enter the country. This is great news & much needed news in our cattery after all the bad news lately.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Goodbye Princess Helina

Tonight our hearts lay heavy again for our princess Helina i noticed this morning she was not taking her bottle like normal and again this afternoon. She woke up in pain from a sleep & i could hear a noise when she breathed this usually tells me their is either fluid in the lungs or trouble with the breathing. So we had to make that trip to the vets & say goodbye .......................


I am always anaylizing things so today i am posting my thoughts & reasons...................looking around the world we have so many different looks in the Siberian after a while you can even begin to tell where the siberian came from. What i question more then anything now is why do our Siberians look the way they look now when the very early pictures look nothing like that?

I feel this is a very important qustion that needs to be answered.

I understand that (breeders) like different looks colours etc but should they really all look so different?

What are we as breeders trying to achieve with the breed ?

Where are we taking the breed in how we think it should look ?

So to do this you have to start at the beginning .......

The first three sibs into the USA with no outside world interaction

When i look at this picture now i find it very difficult to say they were Sibs i would of said the middle on a NFC the one on the right a possible sib but the one on the left the eyes look to round for me.
Obviously we have to take into account how old they were on this picture? this is important as we all know sibs change a little bit as the develop, but this is a huge difference to what some of us are achieving today.
I want to ponder on this some more because if we are supposed to breeding to preserve this breed then changing it is not acceptable.

how they grow?

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Today Helina has settled a little she has still gained weight is eating drinking & playing, all on her own but so be it. I dont know how much more time i have with her so every day is precious to me & i thank heavens above for the extra day.

My Princess Helina

It is 1 am & i am getting very worried about my princess Helina her breathing tonight has been a little bit more laboured & she is not as happy as usual. She was sleeping on the sofa with me & she cried out for no reason i jumped up & moved her she climbed down & just went in a corner to sleep. She has eaten once moved about but since 9pm this evening been very lathargic & sleeping wit heavy breathing. I think i know what comes next but i am trying to give her hope that its not going to happen we have more time together yet, but in my heart of heart i think it may be time. I have tried so hard over the last 7 weeks to not attach myself to her, but when you stare into the eyes of something so precious how can you not ?

I will not let her suffer at all which is why i am sat here still at this hour, but i can not sleep unless i know what the outcome is right now i am not 100 % as she is not giving me the signs but i know when its time she will.

I only hope i can report with good news on my next blog but i think in my heart & my head it may not be that way.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Busy Busy Busy !!!!

I have not posted for a few days so i thought i would do a quick catch up, things are pretty much hectic around here at the moment with the move grower closer & kitten owners coming to view the kitties. Also while all this is going i am concentrating on building up my breeding cats i have a few plans underway you all know about Oblachko & my little man from (N) Cirkumpolare so i am on the hunt for a silver male & a brown female. I have plans undergoing for a golden male coming to join us as well i am keeping my fingers crossed this all goes ahead because his golden colour is so rich he looks like a golden tiger. This in all will complete our males & females & we can start to work on building strong healthy lines again............
That is all for now