Sunday, 5 October 2008


I am always anaylizing things so today i am posting my thoughts & reasons...................looking around the world we have so many different looks in the Siberian after a while you can even begin to tell where the siberian came from. What i question more then anything now is why do our Siberians look the way they look now when the very early pictures look nothing like that?

I feel this is a very important qustion that needs to be answered.

I understand that (breeders) like different looks colours etc but should they really all look so different?

What are we as breeders trying to achieve with the breed ?

Where are we taking the breed in how we think it should look ?

So to do this you have to start at the beginning .......

The first three sibs into the USA with no outside world interaction

When i look at this picture now i find it very difficult to say they were Sibs i would of said the middle on a NFC the one on the right a possible sib but the one on the left the eyes look to round for me.
Obviously we have to take into account how old they were on this picture? this is important as we all know sibs change a little bit as the develop, but this is a huge difference to what some of us are achieving today.
I want to ponder on this some more because if we are supposed to breeding to preserve this breed then changing it is not acceptable.

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