Thursday, 2 October 2008

My Princess Helina

It is 1 am & i am getting very worried about my princess Helina her breathing tonight has been a little bit more laboured & she is not as happy as usual. She was sleeping on the sofa with me & she cried out for no reason i jumped up & moved her she climbed down & just went in a corner to sleep. She has eaten once moved about but since 9pm this evening been very lathargic & sleeping wit heavy breathing. I think i know what comes next but i am trying to give her hope that its not going to happen we have more time together yet, but in my heart of heart i think it may be time. I have tried so hard over the last 7 weeks to not attach myself to her, but when you stare into the eyes of something so precious how can you not ?

I will not let her suffer at all which is why i am sat here still at this hour, but i can not sleep unless i know what the outcome is right now i am not 100 % as she is not giving me the signs but i know when its time she will.

I only hope i can report with good news on my next blog but i think in my heart & my head it may not be that way.

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