Sunday, 25 April 2010

New Additions

We would like to share some exciting news here @ Katyenka we have possibly another 2 females who will be coming to join us next year. One has been born & is under evaluation......the second will not be born for another month so we are keeping our fingers crossed that mommy cat will have the colour we have always wished for, for some time now. They are two great pedigrees to compliment my boys & we are very very very excited for where Katyenka may be heading with our breeding programme & hopefully will be achieveing some amazing babies, not that we havent already I mean young Roxy is doing great out on the show bench just lately.
We of course look forward to being able to share the great news regarding the new arrivals shortly

The countdown

The countdown has begun we will shortly bee holding our precious new Russian girl in our arms & we simply cannot wait. Slava will be arriving from Elena @ Rossity cattery & we are very very excitd to welcome our first classic brown tabby into our cattery & our home. We will be of course putting Slava onto the show bench as soon she arrives to see what wounderful achievements can be achieved with her & we are very very excited to hear what the judges will have to say about our lovely girl.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Luka Brutus & Alfie

We got some new pictures of some of our adult cats Luka especially as he has turned out really nicely, sometmes we find it hard to tell the differeence between Luka & Brutus. We will be taking Brutus to some shows this year to see how well he does, he is still a beef cake & very muscley so we ae hoping he will do really well. We were going to take Luka as well but I didnt want them to compete against eachother just yet :) it will be our first double show so I hope he does well. Alfie the black male is our visiting guest hen was our K litter who is staying with us until July but he is handsome so we had to share them with you :

Alfie :

Luka For sale show/breeding home :




P litter

Our P litter is doing very well mommy has not produced much milk at all this we think is stress related to moving so we have to bottle feed the babies every 2-3hours. It is very much hard work esecially with some 6 week old babies who have to be taken care of . I dont have much time right now other then being surogate mommy to all my little ones which means house hunting is put on hold until I have more time to be able to do anything else. We had this litter a few days early then expected so one baby was very very tiny we came home after shopping to find two cold babies on the brink of dying I rushed over heated up the heat mat used some nutri drops warmed up a bottle of cholostrum for them & once they were warm tried to get some down into their little tummys. I fed cholostrum to the tiny one over night then the next day started to bottle feed them all milk. I can happily say so far we are 1 week old & all is well, so fingers crossed my tiny tot will survive :)
Here are the lovely little piccies

Red silver Boy
Blue silver Boy

Brown Boy tiny tot

Silver girl 1

Silver girl 2 with tiny brown spot on back of head

Osip / Hugo

Our two mommys found the move a litte more stressful then we hoped which has proven quite badly for our little kitties. Mommy one stopped producing milk a week after the move & has come into heat which ment she no longer wanted to care for the little ones anymore & they had to be seperatd because if they suckled they would get poorly. Little Osip has not been very well he didnt take to been takn away from mommy at all & found it very stressful so he is most worst for wear kitty. Dont feel too sorry for him as he has a mighty big personality to make up for his small appearence believe me. He can control the others & causes as much if not more havoc then anyone & upsets all the others by play fighting too hard lol but he is a cutie pie so we let him off the hook. In this picture I wanted to show you how messy this little fellow gets after he has fnished jumping in the water bowls lol

O litter

Well I finally managed to find my computer stuff so I can update the kitten owners pictures of their furr balls. It has been 3 weeks since they hae seen piccies due to the big move. They are a bit of a scruffy bunch this six but its just how I love them to be, they get into so much mischief such a naughty little bunch. The only guy we havent managd to get any pictus of yet is little Osip /Hugo but I will keep trying today & add them later on when we take some pictures of the P litter :
Here is little Orrel



Orina /Bella


Wednesday, 14 April 2010


We are still trying to find the perfect home for Luka, he is a 1 year old silver spotted male for show / breeding home.
He is a stuning male who we were keeping for our own use but due to no fault of his own we have too many silvers in our cattery & would like to reduce the silvers we have in our cattery.
Please contact us for further details of this very nice BIG boy with sch an amazing loving naure

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

P liiter



well we have lots to update you all about firstly I would like to say all 6 O litter are now sold they are currently 6 weeks old on Thursday thare getting bigger & bigger by the day.

Secondly we would like to introduce our P litter has been born yesterday mother & 5 babies are doing brilliant. We had 1 blue 1 red 2 silver & black 1 brown we were hoping on a tortie female but no she decided not this time so w are hoping to have one last litter from her to achieve that so we can keep a tortie here.

I can not get the camera to work with the laptop so I have to find the disk so I will try & update some pctures from my phone to the blog later today.

We would lso like to congratulate Maria & Milasha for doingbrilliant at the shows 7 out of 10 rings she got BOB & finals got best best best 2nd 3rd 3rd what a super result that is well done to you both.

Here she is proud as punch what a stuningoung lady this is