Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Osip / Hugo

Our two mommys found the move a litte more stressful then we hoped which has proven quite badly for our little kitties. Mommy one stopped producing milk a week after the move & has come into heat which ment she no longer wanted to care for the little ones anymore & they had to be seperatd because if they suckled they would get poorly. Little Osip has not been very well he didnt take to been takn away from mommy at all & found it very stressful so he is most worst for wear kitty. Dont feel too sorry for him as he has a mighty big personality to make up for his small appearence believe me. He can control the others & causes as much if not more havoc then anyone & upsets all the others by play fighting too hard lol but he is a cutie pie so we let him off the hook. In this picture I wanted to show you how messy this little fellow gets after he has fnished jumping in the water bowls lol

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