Tuesday, 13 April 2010



well we have lots to update you all about firstly I would like to say all 6 O litter are now sold they are currently 6 weeks old on Thursday thare getting bigger & bigger by the day.

Secondly we would like to introduce our P litter has been born yesterday mother & 5 babies are doing brilliant. We had 1 blue 1 red 2 silver & black 1 brown we were hoping on a tortie female but no she decided not this time so w are hoping to have one last litter from her to achieve that so we can keep a tortie here.

I can not get the camera to work with the laptop so I have to find the disk so I will try & update some pctures from my phone to the blog later today.

We would lso like to congratulate Maria & Milasha for doingbrilliant at the shows 7 out of 10 rings she got BOB & finals got best best best 2nd 3rd 3rd what a super result that is well done to you both.

Here she is proud as punch what a stuningoung lady this is

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