Tuesday, 20 April 2010

P litter

Our P litter is doing very well mommy has not produced much milk at all this we think is stress related to moving so we have to bottle feed the babies every 2-3hours. It is very much hard work esecially with some 6 week old babies who have to be taken care of . I dont have much time right now other then being surogate mommy to all my little ones which means house hunting is put on hold until I have more time to be able to do anything else. We had this litter a few days early then expected so one baby was very very tiny we came home after shopping to find two cold babies on the brink of dying I rushed over heated up the heat mat used some nutri drops warmed up a bottle of cholostrum for them & once they were warm tried to get some down into their little tummys. I fed cholostrum to the tiny one over night then the next day started to bottle feed them all milk. I can happily say so far we are 1 week old & all is well, so fingers crossed my tiny tot will survive :)
Here are the lovely little piccies

Red silver Boy
Blue silver Boy

Brown Boy tiny tot

Silver girl 1

Silver girl 2 with tiny brown spot on back of head

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Midnightstarsiberians said...

Gorgeous babies, you are doing a great job with them. Hope they continue to do well.

Denise x