Wednesday, 3 March 2010

N Litter & Kitten watch

Well the N litter is 11 weeks old tommorrow they leave for their new homes next weekend it will be so sad to see them leave. I find when you have such a small litter it is more personal & y ou get more time with each kitten thus why I prefer the small litters. One kitten out of every litter i find seems to shine more then the others & we will sad to see our little mini Brutus leave he is such a charachter, everyone loves him.

We are now on kitten watch Lisa is due her litter from tomorrow, she is usually pretty good & has he litter on her due date but just to be sure I dont miss the birth I always have a few sleepless nights ahead of me when the girlies are due. We are very excited about this litter of Lisa & Brutus we may very well be keeping a little girlie from this litter we will see what happens.

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