Thursday, 18 March 2010

O litter

Well we are so unbelievebly busy with the big move but the show still goes on & of course I still have lots & lots of cuddle time for the new litter who are now 2 weeks old. I just can not believe how quick the time is flying by. The kitens have all opened their eyes & starting to move around & hold their own now. They all know when I come in & out of the pen & are all starting to come forward to me when I talk to them. I can see some of their playfulness coming through which is great as well.
So far we still have possibly 4 babies left to sell if you are still interested ?????
Available silver boy

Available high white brown & black girl...........

Available brown tabby boy........

Maybe on hold ??????

Gayles babie Girl :)

Pamela's babie boy :)

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