Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Countdown !

We are getting so excited & can not wait to meet our new arrival she is very very pretty & the most stunning eyes. Yes you may have guessed it but in just over a fortnight we will have Dramatica in our ams & on English turf.
It takes so long for both breeder & new owner when you deal with pets passport & most breeders in the UK have now imported a cat, know how this feels. So when it all comes to an end you are left feeling very grateful that someone has had the time & effort into helping this all come together. I first met Siv several years ago when I sent over a little precious bundle Katyenka Efrem & never in my wildest dreams thought it would end with recieving a lovely girl like Dramatica. Dramatica is from Rembo lines & we are hoping great things with our two Norwegian beauties. Both Brutus & Dramatica will be mated later in the year when have taken Dramatica to a few shows while she has her winter coat from Norway. It has taken Brustus 2 years to get a winter coat here after living in Norway. Brutus is starting to develop nicely now so fingers crossed we will replicate another little Rembo ( or maybe not so little ) :)

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Chantaris said...

I think when the time gets close you have to pinch yourself - i.e., is it really happening? Waiting for so long is a nightmare, and you feel like it will never really happen. Glad that Dramatica will soon be with you - and I'm sure she'll settle very quickly to her new life here with you at Katyenka.

Lesley x