Thursday, 19 March 2009

Busy Busy

Well it looks like spring is finally here in Kent & we are sure of that by the loud calling
of one of our ladies here @ Katyenka.
Precious was taken to the vets today for her aniti-natel appointment & all is fine with her & her precious cargo the vet has confimred this & also confirmed we have some VERY BIG babies but only one or two in there & not long to go to due date he thinks two weeks the most.

Eliza also had her anti-natel today the vet confirmed around 7-9 he could feel in there which sounds about right from her last litter. Again both mommy & cargo are all ok.

Imir is going to be a proud daddy in around 65 days or so we are very excited to be expecting white babies again they are very special to us so we are keeping our fingers crossed.
Well I guess it will be pretty busy here soon three ladies in waiting .............

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