Sunday, 21 June 2009

I'ma man what do you expect !

I had to take a couple of shots when I saw this, Imir is 10 months old now & he has let us know he is all man, we are just waiting for him to prove himself in that respect.

Imir likes to do nothing all day but laze around sleep eat & have the odd little cuddle now & again, everything is done on his terms he is very big @ over 6 kilos & very powerfull so there is not much in the way of arguments lol. Imir is my liccle baba & he will always hold a very special place in my heart with regards to his Grandad Prince, I can not get over the likeness just he is more forthcoming then Prince ever was.

I miss Prince every day & will never forget him he was my special baby boy who spent such a short time with me but the time we had will always remain in my heart forever until the day we meet again.

My Beloved Prince pictured below.............
& a picture to compare of Imir...............

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