Sunday, 21 June 2009

Our rising star Luka

There is a word called imprint it is a term used when you do Falconry, this means a hatchling that is brought up from chick to adult by the human & recognises its owner with food & screams for food when the owner is sighted. Hummmm I can safely say that Luka is an imprint, because he was the only kitten born from Precious he was molly cuddled & by lord are we regretting it now lol every room we go into that the little scamp is not allowed into he screams & screams & when he sights me he screams even louder. Bless his little cotton socks but this what we get when he also has the most talkative mother in the world. Precious can talk until the cows come home & as we are not a farm & neither do any cows come to our home you can imagine how much she talks lol.

Luka is over a kilo at 10 weeks old he eats for Britain & when he has his fill sleeps with his head resting on the plate if their is food left so when he wakes he can eat again.

But we do love him so xx

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