Monday, 8 June 2009

8 weeks old

Well the kittens are nearly 9 weeks old & they are due for their first vaccines in a few days. Its been a pleasure & gift having babies again & its just seems to have flown & soon they will be leaving home with their new mommys & daddys. Theese guys seem to have grown legs & now they seem to be filling outwards again but they do look ever so funny running up & down the stairs now as they have full acess to the house (except for Imir's room he does not like the new additions typical male with teenage attitude lol) Kalia is our watcher she sits & takes everything in her stride she is such a darl, kiril (alfie) is the cuddler he sleeps & cuddles & purrs all day long with a little play of course, kace is just trouble with a capital T she gets evrywhere & into everything with her partner in crime Luka, kostya just loves to bull doze around everywhere & kolya is a little shy & reserved but I think that his his gentle nature.

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