Sunday, 21 June 2009

10 weeks old

Well the babies are now 10 weeks old & they get into so much mischief we are always having to do a head count as they are running all over the house we have to make sure we are not missing anyone or anyone has not got themselves into trouble they can not get out of. Only 3 weeks left & they leave home how exciting for the new owners & a little peace & quiet time time,but they will be sorely missed, until the next lot come along :=)
They are all looking foxy like now long legs & long bodies this is good for development because they are not looking like a sibi too early, which means they have more time to mature, but they are eating me out of house & home in the meat department but it is well worth it.
Obviously Brutus will be here soon so we will have our first lot of Rembo related babies so that is so exciting & precious will hopefully be mated with Imir ( if she stops bullying him ) so it should not be long before we again hear the pitter patter of tiny feet.
We also have the arrival of two new girls in between Duffy & our new little smoke baby :=)

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Sissel said...

WOW, lovely kittens <3