Saturday, 4 July 2009

Leaving home

Well today was a very hard day indeed two of our lovely babies have left home Kace has left home to live with Leah & her family, she will be shown & be a lovely breeding girl for the start of their new breeding cattery. Kace was a big girl coming second in height length & weight she is showing great promise so we look forward to meeting up with them again on the show bench sometime.
Second to go was our little black boy Alfie aka Kiril he was our cuddler of the litter he would waste no time in climbing on my lap to help me read a good book & just purr & purr. His new family love him so much & I just know he will be very well spoilt which helps so much with the fact they have left home.
I look forward to showing updates of how the kittens get one & showing piccies when they arrive.

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