Wednesday, 1 July 2009

It is going to get very busy here @ Katyenka we have two new arrivals within a month of eachother, the first being our English baby black smoke girl we are very excited to be expecting a kitten for once as all our cats have been imports. She was very unexpected but we are getting more excited to collect her in only 4 weeks time, we are hoping to get her on the show bench with Precious & Luka in August.
Secondly is the arrival of Brutus in August, this is of course an amazing time for us as he is another import it will be of course our first meet & greet . He looks splendid on the pictures so we can not contain our excitement for the special arrival.
Then inbetween this we are moving home sheesh, we have managed to secure a lovely house with plenty of room for our growing furry family it even has its own kitten room which will be nice so we are now deciding on the special cat houses for outside with special pressure heat pads for when it is cold & air con for when it is hot & trees to climb & scratch thier claws on with a special cat proof garden so they can play sit & have plenty of cuddles when we are out sitting in the garden .

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