Thursday, 23 July 2009


Well we had some news the other day that our special smoke girl is infact a male so we had to decline this offer but to our surprise they have a lovely female brown classic, she will now not arrive until September so we now look forward to her arrival & of course as she is from the UK we are extra happy.
It is not all bad news as we may have the chance of a female smoke we will find out the first week in September fingers crossed.
We also find out about another female we have been waiting for this is a great mating & we can not wait to find out if we have a baby in this mating, this mating has taken some time as it was supposed to happen very early in the year but fait led its hand & nothing happened. She will be coming from Finland so this is the second Finnish import we will have had, so again fngers crossed.

Some of you may well remember that we were getting a girl from Adagio this is still going ahead we have just chosen a different female we will update you further when we come back form our holiday when we will have a very special delivery as Brutus is coming home YAY

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