Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The N litter

After all the excitement of our new litter & christams time we have finally managed to get some pictures of the new litter. Precious is being exceptional mommy as normal & the babies are doing great, so good in fact their weights are fab & they are so chunky. We can not sell the last remining kitten from this litter yet as they are booked for breeding so until we see them develop a little more we wont know which boy witll be staying or going but we should be able to advertise him in around 4 weeks time. The babies are 2 weeks tomorrow & already we are starting to see them interact with us & try to play they are a very strong litter who were holding their heads up on their own at a day old & walking without a woblle at 4 days old. We were really excited as we had a classic baby boy in the litter as this is what coat type we are wanting to breed more of. Anyway here are the love bugs first pictures .......................




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Clare Ferris said...

arrrhh the little cutie cant wait to see her when she is bigger xx they are all gorgeous, congrats!