Friday, 4 December 2009

Boys Accomodation

Today the boys accommodation arrived we have always had the policy where all oour cats run together but since we have more then we normally have, we decided it was time for the boys to have thier own rooms. Luka & Imir have gone in together for now & Brutus is on his own for now so we have one room left for when King Sheraz arrives. This leaves the big room for the girls when they have babies. We are going to divide the room so we can have three girls either sperate or running together as not all our girls along nicely. This will be the first kitten room until the babies are old enough to tear about the house like the litter we have at the moment. We needed more room as we have some great cats now & two more arriving so the next couple of years we will spending time with our own combinations different mixing & matching instead of importing all the time. We have been breeding for nearly 5 years now & feel it is time to work with out own lines so we will be keeping a few babies next year to work with. We feel the time is right we have enough room.

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