Monday, 1 February 2010

Elisaveta & Brutus

We are very very excited to announce the next up & coming litter @ Katyenka Elisa has been mated with Brutus & we have been looking at this pedigree again & the pictures of the cats on each side. I am pleasently hopeful for this litter indeed & one will be certainly staying with us when we decide. We will of course let one more go for breeding so if you are interested please contact us. The rest will be sold as pets & show kittens if we have any up & rising stars (which I am sure we will have)
This will be Elis'a last litter for around a year as we will be introducing her to the show bench as she is becoming older she is becoming a very very pretty lady. I just love her pedigree Amante's Boogie Woogie really is a strong carrier of his genes & his kittens are truely wounderful.

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