Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Being Human Litter

Time has flown by us so quickly here the last few weeks & theese guys are now getting ready for their first trip to the vets tomorrow as they are now 9 weeks old & it's their very first injections & Annie & George are going to be BAER tested. Baer testing is very important when you breed solid white cats & we test our cats to ensure we are still moving down the right path with our breeding programme. In 4 years we have NEVER had a death kitten & we pride ourself knowing this. Mitch & George have both found thier forever loving homes we are pleased to say & Annie will of course be staying with us. It is always sad when the first vert trip arrives as the last few weeks move so quickly to t hem leaving home. It will be nice we will have one baby stay with us, so that makes things much easier to bear. And of course we do have the Underworld litter :)

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