Wednesday, 17 September 2008


We would like to post about our little helina she was born 14th August 2008.

There is not much i can say about the birth as it was pretty much normal except i found it very odd the her mommy had only produced two kittens when we have normally had six.

When she was born i did not feel there was anything wrong with her, after a couple of weeks i noticed Helina did not feel right she felt wider then the other kittens and seemed to breathe heavier then her litter mate. I did some research on the internet & took Helina to the vet just to confirm and we both decided she was flat chested.

I was mortified when the vet suggested to me to put her to sleep, as s he sat on the table with her ears back & them big blue eyes i just wept.

I had to go home to think about this, i never do anything on a quick impulse when it comes to my kittens life.

So i came home & spent some time with her giving lots of love & attention while i tried to work out what do to about the situation as a whole.

I personaly find with animals we are to quick to put them to sleep when something is wrong, we would not do this with a human baby, so why would we do this to a feline baby. That's when i decided just because i have a disabled kitty what makes her any different to any other kitten, her life is just a precious, if not more. So i just became more vigilant with her making sure her weight was stable & supplement if she was not gaining enough weight. But on the other hand i had to make sure she did not put too much weight on as this could increse pressure on her heart & lungs.

Helina is now 5 weeks old tomorrow..................i am so proud of her and happy i did not euthanise, Helina is happy, healthy & furthermore ALIVE.

I know i may not be out the woods yet BUT i know i have tried to give her as much as a chance as the others. I am grateful for every minute of every day i get with her, she is such a joy to be around. She watches me when i am in the room & comes right up to me when i sit down to play & feed them, Helina just loves her wet food now & enjoys every mouthfull as if it may be her last.

I feel Helina knows she is different but she runs & plays & mows as much as the others.

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