Thursday, 30 April 2009

3 week old & already meat eaters

The babies are 3 weeks old tomorrow wibbling & wobbling around the kitten pen, well I noticed we had babies who were crying for something so off I went to the butchers to get my meat, organs & meaty bones to mince down. After it was all minced, mixed with supplements we decided to introduce our babies to their first raw diet feed. WOW what a reaction I didnt even do anything I put the bowl on the floor & of they went 5 heads in bowls. We had growls & purrs & they all started eating eachothers paws & ears, it was so funny to watch but they all left with big round fat tummys & mommy cleaned them all up but to see their little dirty wet faces was a picture. We are now promtoing raw diet to all our cats because of the danger in pet foods.

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