Saturday, 21 November 2009

Catching up

Its been a very very busy time here @ Katyenka we have moved house so we could have a bigger cattery we have our litter getting ready to fly the nest & of course we have two females who are expecting babies in December with our new boy Brutus, this is of course delighful news as one of our girls Harmony has not had any babies for over a year.

We are also in negotiation in securing our last male, he is golden & classic & his pedigree is a very good one & we are very lucky if we are able to secure this boy, we will of course updaye you all when we have some exciting news..................

The new kittens are gettting so big & enjoying all the new room they have to run about & plenty of stairs to keep them entertained..................

We are waiting for our new cattery to arrive for the boys we have some work to do in the garden to make it secure & flat for the new building to be erected. It is a 9ft x 9ft 3 seperate runs for the boys so they have plenty of room outside to chill out & play. We have decided the boys should be outside for their coats for the shows. The whole buidling is covered so they can stay dry which is very very important.
Once the boys are out in their new accomodation we will be adapting the spare room as a girls room this will be the kittening room so the mums have thier own space to move about & when the kittens are big enough & fully litter trained then they can be moved downstairs with the rest of the family.

We were hoping to be able to go to the Siberian special show in Rugby this year but I dont think its going to be achievable I have not long got home from hospital & with new babies due we think this is going to be too much for us, such a shame.

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