Saturday, 19 June 2010

Slava is Arriving !!!!

We are so excited to have the great news that Slava is coming home to us, it is always an exciting time for breeders when they wait so long for a new baby to come join them & after the long wait of nearly a year finally we will get to meet our new Russian Princess in less then a few days. We recieved some new pictures of her by her breeder mommy Elena who we can not thank enough for her patience & guidence during this lengthy process.
It is always hard to find breeders who have the time & space to be able to help breeders in the UK.
So without further adue here is our new baby girl Slava ........................

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LunikTyen Siberians said...

You must be very excited as the time approaches. She'll be a great addition to your breeding plans. Love her coat pattern and lovely size. I too have managed to find an excellent breeder abroad who is being kind enough to take care of my girl until January. It's such a long time waiting tho isn't it ? Still your wait is almost over. Look forward to seeing more pictures when she's settled in.